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 "Dredges and Squid Chains"

Offshore Fishing Report 
Ft. Pierce City Marina
Ft. Pierce, Florida

Who would have thought that the sails 
would continue to cooperate this late into
our spring season.

I'll be the first to admit that 'luck' always plays a part in our fishing endeavours (Hence the old saying : 'I'd rather be lucky than good'!), but in all fairness, pulling a mullet dredge and two mullet tipped squid chains in the spring, absolutely DOES increase your chances for a sail.

Mullet dredge you say! ......What the heck is 'that' and why would I go to that much trouble anyway?

A 'mullet dredge' is akin to a northern bluefish rig with heavy wire arms and baits trailing off of them. There is no doubt that if you are dead bait sailfishing (trolling ballyhoo), a dredge can make quite a bit of difference.

During the billfish tournaments, these dredges become 'extremely' elaborate (and even more expensive) and the fact is, that the average angler is better off pulling squid chain teasers and be done with it right there. But ''do'' pull a squid chain or two all through the winter months and into the spring. It will not only attract sails but bring in the bigger dolphin as well. Trust me, it is worth the effort and easy enough to do..

Just ask the DeMilo family about 'dredges and squid chains' they came down from Boston last week for two days chartering the Last Mango. Well, suffice it to say that two of the three brothers each caught their first "sails" "and" there was plenty of action for the rest of the family both days. A picture is worth a thousand words. Check out these happy fishermen! See photos attached!

Well now, how about the cold green water that once again eddied down from the Cape and on to our fishing grounds from inside the 'bar' on out to as deep as 350'. It's been making it tough to find the fish and/or be in the right place. I've burned up some extra fuel (Ouch!) hunting down some warm blue water the last two days. Thankfully the gulfstream water pushed back in to 120' on Sunday afternoon and a few dolphin with it. Nothing great but we were happy to catch a half dozen fish in the 8 to 10 pound range. Although the ones that get away don't count, we did jump off more than we caught, so there are more out there just waiting for a nice fresh 'hoo' to come by! And tomorrow's forcast is looking good!

Fish the color change or any good edges. 
Our best fishing was from120' out to 160'. 

Catch em up!

Capt Tris

Joshua DeMilo with his 1st sail release 
'The Brothers'- Nicholas, Ben & Joshua